Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing Ignatian Spirituality - Finding God in All Things

From where we left off earlier, Ignatian Spirituality is based on the idea that God is active and can be found in all things around and within us. Therefore, the challenge is for us to discern His presence and find Him in all things - as this is not always the easiest thing to do.

This is a video on Finding God in All Things - as narrated by Jesuit priests, students and teachers on their experiences in seeking God. It was first posted here(a site chockfull of resources on Ignatian Spirituality - i am inspired and educated by everything there!)

As you watch the video, it may be helpful to reflect on the following:-
  1. When has it been easiest for you to find God? Why do you think it was easy for you to find Him then? What did you do then?
  2. When was it most difficult for you to find God? What did you do when you were in this situation?
  3. Do you think your life would be different if you actually managed to find God in all things?
  4. What changes do you think you would need to make in your present life if you wanted to seek God in all things?
Happy watching!

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