Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crossing the New Year - Occidental/Oriental

Happy New Year! (By now it's past both the Occidental and Oriental new years :)

Blowing the dust off this blog, I remember a late night feeling bored and restless, and then getting inspired to create a new space for me to share my thoughts and feelings on the Faith and so many other things in solitary Singapore. Solitary despite being so densely packed, 4 million people and all ... and you find yourself wanting and needing so badly to express yourself that you write. Anything and anywhere except maybe on public walls. The police are everywhere. Or some random STOMPer who will send your pic to be condemned by all and sundry.

Well, I thank everyone who's stopped by and read my blog cos it kept me going the whole of last sem (which I managed to pass, by the grace of God). There were times when I wondered if this whole thing was a colossal mistake, but I saw it through to year's end so I think that counts for something.

In a certain order, I hope to :-

1. Pass my lifesaving test and finish off the LLM as best as I can;
2. Discern and pray as to what is next. If all goes well, I hope to be able to attend a directed retreat before I start on the next milestone;
3. Tidy up my resume and cast my nets - let's see what comes up; and
4. Spend more time with my family and friends;
5. Write more poetry and hopefully maybe, get it published? I'm still thinking about this one though.
6. Develop a greater and more steadfast faith in God; and
7. ... Discovering that certain parts of me were not as dead as I thought them, figure out what's next ...

Do continue to pray for me as I keep all of you in my prayers and know that whatever it is, solitary or in a crowd, you are loved. Like the lil clueless person with the map up there, I will need GPS and not just a map to get around - GOD Positioning System! Hoho. :)

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