Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prayer - Loving from a distance

(the usual drill - credits for the pix here)

There will be times when others hurt us so badly that we're left reeling in shock,
flailing about and struggling to come to terms with what happened.
And the commandment to love seems nothing more than an impossible mockery,
something beyond our capabilities. We scream out for justice. Vengeance.
Or sit in a stunned silence, unable to respond, numb to everything.
It is in those times that I've found, prayer is loving such people from a distance.
In time, through this prayer, although the distance remains, we find forgiveness and peace.

We find that loving is not an impossible task, simply that we need to draw upon God to open our hearts
and His infinite source and supply of love. He supplies the grace, it is for us to yield to Him.
The painful feelings and memories. will be there, but they are never the end of the matter.
What is forgiveness then but another facet of love?
And forgiveness, I have found, is not just my matter,
but His, all in all.

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