Monday, March 31, 2014

Formation and teaching the faith / Running / CLS and activitism

Hi there! 

It's really been quite awhile since I last updated here. In the interim, a new career path opened up, taking on an expanded role in Lifeline Ministry (our fb page is here
and a growing love and interest in running and being part of CLS - Catholic Lawyers Society.  
So here goes nothing - 3 short posts in 1

Formation and teaching the faith 
It's my role in Lifeline - I head the Sound in the Word sub-ministry which is mainly centred on formation and teaching the faith. Together with my team, we draft Lifeline studies on Church teachings and scripture, organise Lifetalks and work with the Worship team for Lifesessions such as the recent Scriptural Way of the Cross. 

When I think about my late great-grandad Moses who was a catechist, I feel privileged to be able to walk in his footsteps to share the faith. Of course, it's not always easy, and it's so tiring at times, but how much joy I have in seeing the knowledge of others grow and hopefully lead to a close walk with Christ.  

On a more prosaic note, learning to use Excel and delegate and keep track and draft studies and manage my team. Work in Progress tis. 

My first ever finisher medal - Done. 
My first competitive 8km race - Done. 
Now on to my first 10k. Wish me all the best! 
Even though I can only run in short spurts, and I am quite easily winded, I still love running for the freedom and energy it brings, and the distance it puts between me and my worries and concerns. And the hills, I curse when I get up them, but the relief sweeping down slope is liberating. 
Regardless whether I get that finisher medal at Borneo International Marathon, it's the trying my best and training for the run which keeps me going. 
Maybe someday I will attempt to bike. 
But for now, I will continue to get fitter, not fatter. 

The food is all too tempting, fallen off the wagon too often, but time to hoist me up and carry on. Less Food = Lighter Pet = Faster Pet 

CLS and Activism
Some of you out there may know that I've been involved in Catholic Lawyers Society for some time now (since 2009). I'm not a lawyer anymore but I'm still a committee member ...
Amidst all the activism of CLS in these difficult times, I've finally found my niche from discussions with Fr Jestus as serving to help the spiritual formation of CLS members - see the connection with item#1? :) 

It's nice to know what I can give, and what I'm good for. 

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